Wall Street Journal Examines Small Company Changing The Face Of Home Hair Color


In the multi-billion dollar hair care industry, a small company called eSalon.com is taking on commercial bigshots like L’Oréal and Clairol to make home hair color better than ever.

Recently the Wall Street Journal examined how eSalon’s innovative technology is changing the direction of home hair color: “eSalon has an online service that mimics the salon experience at drugstore price points.”

Salons getting worried

More than half of U.S. women color their locks, according to a recent survey by L’Oréal Paris. But women are shifting away from the salon experience, much to the frustration of hair salons.

“During the recession, many women traded pricey salon services for $10 at-home boxed color,” the Wall Street Journal wrote. This means you’re not alone if you have gaped at the boxes of hair color, wondering how to find the right one.

Small company, big advances

But a new, breakthrough company called eSalon is making home hair color a breeze.

The eSalon experience is simple: clients visit the site for a personal hair consultation with an expert, just like visiting a salon. Then the team of professional colorists blend an individual color, using salon-grade ingredients for soft, shiny hair and excellent gray coverage. The pigment even has the client’s name on the bottle, it’s that personalized.

Finally, the color is shipped to the client’s doorstep for under $20. Compare that to the $100-plus setback of a salon visit, and it’s no surprise eSalon’s custom service has hairstylists up in arms.

eSalon says they are fast becoming a target for outraged stylists: “Hairstylists have written us angry letters saying, ‘How could you do this? We’re losing clients because of you!’”

“But we’re proud of the service we provide for busy, professional women,” the company adds. “It’s an alternative no one else can bring them.”

Salon results, or your money back

Customized color truly makes a difference. And right now, eSalon has a special offer for new customers: Get your first custom color kit for only $9.95* (a 50% savings!), with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back. It even comes with a professional coloring brush, gloves, stain guard, stain remover, and shampoo & conditioner – in addition to the guidance of expert colorists.

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*Plus $4.95 s&h
Source: Holmes, Elizabeth. “More Women Try This at Home.” The Wall Street Journal 17 May 2012: Page D1 Print & Web.