What To Know Before You Color


Thinking of coloring your hair? You may be wading through how-to guides and styling articles as you try to make a decision. What shade will work best on you? What do I need to worry about?

Color-treated hair needs a little more attention that regular hair. Coloring your hair doesn’t mean you have to change your lifestyle, but you will need to make a few changes in your regular routine to protect the color. We’ve made a list of some of the most important things you should know about before you settle on a shade for your new look.

  1. Skin tone. Make sure you take your skin tone into account before choosing a color. Some shades may bring out the wrong undertones in your skin and make you look sallow or orange! It’s best to use your natural hair color as a baseline for coloring. If you’re unsure, talk to a professional stylist for color tips.
  1. Dry hair. Coloring your hair tends to make it more dry, so remember to keep a deep conditioner on hand and use it regularly. This will protect it from breakage and split ends.
  1. Fading color. There are several culprits that will contribute to fading your hair color. Among these are exposure to sunlight, overusing heated styling products, and using a harsh shampoo. Counteract the damage by using a UV-protecting hair styling product and cutting down on the frequency of your shampoos.
  1. Color-enhancing shampoo. Since regular shampoo strips your hair of moisture and opens up the hair cuticle, you’ll need to find a shampoo made for color-treated hair. Find one that will be gentle on your hair and help seal the outer cuticle to prevent the color from fading. Don’t forget to follow with conditioner.
  1. Eyebrow shade. Your eyebrows should be a shade darker than your hair color. This way, there’s a slight contrast between the two. If necessary, you can try lightening or darkening your eyebrows with a brow pencil or powder.
  1. Shine. Some hair dyes can create a matte color on your hair, so it’s important to boost up the shine. Shiny hair reflects more light and makes your color stand out. Use a deep or leave-in conditioner to add moisture, which will make your hair much shinier. You can also follow up with a shine serum or gloss.
  1. Cover grays. If you’re trying to cover gray hair, make sure you know which kind of dye is for you. Women with lots of gray hair will want to use permanent dye, which has stronger coverage and a richer color. But those with only a few grays may choose to use a demi-permanent dye, which will fade out in about 24 washes.

Finding the perfect hair color solution

When it comes to finding the perfect hair color there are a multitude of options. You could go to a salon and have an expert create and apply your color, or you could take the boxed color route.

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