What Does He Think Of My Hair?


Ever wonder how men see your hairstyle? Do they even care about it?

According to a poll by Pantene, 74% of men notice a woman because of her hair, and 44% said the hair is the first thing they notice before clothes or makeup. It also found that men are more likely to approach a woman with great hair than one with a low-cut shirt.

Of course, you hair should always look the way you feel most comfortable and be a reflection of who you are. But whether we like it or not, appearances often form impressions in our minds. Whether it’s for a first date or an anniversary, the way we look tends to factor in the way we feel about ourselves. So in case you’re wondering what he’s thinking inside that head, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Men prefer long hair. Studies have shown that men are more attracted to hair that flows past the shoulders. In some cases, they rated the same faces as more attractive when they had long hair over short hair. Try styling your hair in a classic blowout for a head-turning effect.
  1. They like shiny hair. Anything that catches the eye will attract more attention, according to the study. You can add some shine by using a leave-in conditioner and finishing with a glossy shine serum. Your hair will have a healthy, captivating glow.
  1. Go for natural, soft hair. Men tend to like soft, touchable hairstyles that aren’t too perfect or styled. Think: soft waves with natural texture and body, or a loose updo with some tousled strands coming out.
  1. Blondes: Maybe they do have more fun, but many men tend to think of blondes as needy, less serious, and unintimidating. But on the other end, they appear more playful and flirtatious. Maybe that’s why a study found men are more likely to hit on a woman with blonde hair over other colored hair.
  1. Redheads: Although you probably love your flaming locks, many men see redheads as temperamental outcasts. In some cases, men said red hair was a deal breaker, and other men said they didn’t even consider dating redheads. However, a woman with red hair still has a classic beauty; she’s attractive in a brazen, confident way.
  1. Brunettes: According to studies, men tend to think of brunettes as the kind of woman they would settle down with. They said that darker hair makes a woman more attractive, approachable, and intelligent-looking. At the same time, brunettes seem mysterious and pensive.

Bonus tip: Some men said that perfumed hair drives them crazy. Try spritzing perfume on your hands, clapping them together (to evaporate the alcohol that will dry out your hair), then running them through your hair for a sweet effect.

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