Is Red Hair Right For You?


redWith celebrities like Rachel McAdams, Megan Fox and Dianna Agron flaunting new scarlet locks (and classic redheads like Julianne Moore and Debra Messing owning it for years), it looks like red hair is a hot trend for 2013!

Are you thinking about making the change? Before you go red, read what the experts want you to know:

Find your match

To go red, find a shade that complements your skin tone. If you have fair skin, a warm copper shade can look flattering on you. For tan skin, deeper shades with violet tones can look good on you. Experts suggest that mature women choose a natural red shade that’s not too bright or artificial.

“Keep in mind that red hair is not for everyone,” says Estelle Baumhauer, Color Director at individually blended hair color company “It could look unnatural on you, depending on your features.”

Start fresh

For the best color results, start out with healthy locks. Hydrate the hair cuticle by applying a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment a day before you color your hair.

“Don’t do a hair mask or deep conditioning after your color application,” advises Estelle. “These treatments open the hair cuticle to deposit nutrients, which can promote color fading when you rinse.” Instead, a leave in conditioner can help safely boost moisture after coloring.


With red hair, you’ll need to be mindful of maintenance. “Red color pigment tends to fade from the hair cuticle faster than other colors,” says Estelle. “Gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner is a must, and use cool water instead of hot.”

Try to skip days between shampooing to preserve color (dry shampoo is a great solution), and be vigilant about protecting your hair from the elements. For example, if you go swimming, rinse hair thoroughly afterwards.

Boost vibrancy

Red hair often loses its vibrancy faster than other colors do. Try an at-home treatment, such as eSalon’s Tinted Love Color Enhancing Treatment. This professional treatment contains pigments that help enhance, tone, and intensify your hair color.

eSalon’s Tinted Love comes in a range of shades for all hair colors (not just redheads!), but red hair can especially benefit from the range of red, copper, and mahogany treatments. Using it once a week or as needed will boost up your color, keeping it fresh and vivid between applications.

Coloring at home

If you’re going red, avoid doing so with a drugstore boxed color. It can be tricky to identify your best red shade, so consult with a professional before making the commitment.

A note of caution: since red hair color naturally fades faster than others, you may need to refresh yours more often to keep it vibrant. This can become quite an expense if you frequent the salon! Luckily, eSalon has you covered. The team of expert colorists will review your personal details, including skin tone, eye color, coloring history, and more, before blending a perfect hair color for you. Then they mail it right to your door for you to apply at home, all for under $20!

The eSalon experts say: “Just make sure to tell us what you’re looking for when you complete your hair consultation. We’ll also let you know if we think a different color will look more flattering on you – we’re dedicated to finding your best shade!”

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