Thinning Brows Don’t Do Your Face Any Favors (In the Age Department)


Thinning eyebrows are one of the first and most obvious signs of aging. Take a peek in the mirror. You’ll probably be surprised to see that while you were concentrating on those irritating crow’s feet, guess what?…Your eyebrows, and not your crow’s feet, are adding years to your face.

Why Brows Count

“Our brows tell others when we’re surprised, happy, sad, or concerned. If they are sparse, the only thing they’ll show is our age,” says Eliza Petrescu, owner of Eliza’s Eyes in New York City. Voluptuous, well-shaped brows are more essential to youthful good looks than injections or skin creams.

Simple Brow Enhancing Solution

A brow makeover is easy, inexpensive, and truly an anti-aging phenomenon.

An eyebrow enhancer like Cute Couple, from eSalon,  goes right to the root of brittle, sparse brows to revitalize and protect themThis daily brush-up, enriched with peptides and natural plant extract, is a beautiful way to bring back beguiling brows that look thicker, fuller, healthier and younger, by up to 25 percent!

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