Should You Get A Tan With Your Hair Color?


As the summer season heats up, many women don their sunglasses and set out to get the perfect summer tan. But they don’t realize that changing the tone of their skin with a tan can create a new effect with their hair color – and it could be bad. Tan skin contrasts with certain hair colors differently than it did before it was tanned, so you could end up looking sallow or orange.

What’s the best way to balance a summer tan with your hair color and skin tone? Not everyone can pull off that tan beach-blonde look, so here are some important hair color tips if you’re considering a summer tan this year:

If you have brunette hair:

Here’s a basic rule of thumb for brunettes: if you have darker hair with warm undertones (like golden brown or deep honey), you’ll most likely look good with tan skin. Many brunettes already have naturally tan skin, especially if you have golden, olive, or brown undertones. If this is the case, go ahead and soak up the sun!

But if you have a brown hair color shade with cool undertones to complement your fair skin, you may want to think twice before tanning. A tan skin tone may not work so well against your hair color in this case. In addition, if you have very dark hair, it tends to clash with very tanned skin – so go out in the sun with caution.

If you have light hair:

Some blondes may be able to work a tan, and some blondes may not. It all depends on the specific shade of your tresses. Warm golden hair color tones, like a golden blonde or caramel blonde, can work well to complement a summer tan.

On the other hand, blonde hair that has ash or platinum tones in it won’t work well with tan skin. Tan skin tones clash with cool hair colors, so it’s a good idea to keep your skin as fair as possible this summer.

If you have red hair:

In general, redheads should keep their skin well-protected from the sun this summer. Tan skin tones often clash with red hair colors, regardless of the shade. Most shades of red look best against fairer skin – so lather up the sunblock if you want your red locks to stay in the spotlight this summer.

Some general tips:

Warm hair colors often look better than cool colors against tanned skin. This means if you have warm undertones of gold, yellow, or red in your hair, you may be able to pull off a summer glow.

However, it’s always important to apply sunscreen! UV rays from the sun can cause lots of damage to your skin, including wrinkles, sun spots, or even skin cancer. If you want to keep tanning this summer, just remember to do it in shorter increments so you limit your overall exposure. An even safer option is to use a sunless tanning product that will gradually add tan coloring to your skin. And remember – a sunburn does not complement any hair color!

If you’re looking to give your hair color a summer vacation, check out these tips for updating your look with a fresh summer color!