Stylists See Serious Competition In New Breakthrough Hair Color Service


They may be a young company in hair care, but eSalon is already stirring emotions and ruffling the feathers of stylists across the country.

“We’ve had several enraged stylists call up and claim we’re stealing their clients,” says Estelle Baumhauer, eSalon’s Color Director. “They say we’re going to put them out of business!”

Why the outrage?

Perhaps their clients are discovering the truth: you no longer have to pay big to cover your grays and maintain a beautiful hair color.

One angry stylist took to a website, ranting: “We compete with the “Box Color” on the shelves of all retail stores… but now we are also competing with a relatively new company,” she wrote. “eSalon offers our clients custom blended, professional color with a kit and so much more…”

“We provide a high quality, professional hair color service without the inflated price, and that’s what clients want in these times,” Baumhauer says. “I’m proud to offer this solution for women.”

eSalon’s custom solution

eSalon hair color is a far cry from the pre-mixed off-the-shelf colors you’re usually forced to buy at the drugstore. Estelle explains the process: “You just log onto the website and I, or one of our other experts, will be there to consult with you.”

“We’ll blend a personalized color just for you from our 2000-plus pigment selections,” says Baumhauer, who has over 20 years of experience teaching color techniques in Paris and New York. “The pigment we create for you will even have your name on the bottle, because it was created for you and no one else.”

And for the ultimate in convenience, they’ll deliver your hair color right to your door for under $25. Compare that to the $100-plus price tag you could expect to pay at a salon.

No wonder stylists are outraged!

The media and Hollywood are noticing…

But salons aren’t the only ones noticing eSalon. It was most recently chosen by InStyle Magazine as “Best of the Web 2011,” and NBC’s Today Show and Good Housekeeping Magazine lauded the service as “genius!”

Want to learn more?

The best way to understand eSalon’s service is to give it a try. And with their newest offer, eSalon is making it easy for first time customers. Get your first custom color kit for only $9.95 (a 50% savings!), with a full money-back guarantee including shipping (what other company does that?).

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