Stop Frizzy Hair In Its Tracks


Frizzy hair happens when dry, porous hair absorbs moisture in the air. This makes the strands swell up and give you that uninvited frizz.

Expert stylist Estelle Baumhauer, the Color Director at online hair color provider, knows the best defense is a strong offense, so here are 8 professional salon tips to stop frizz before it happens:

  1. “Start with a deep conditioner that has extra moisturizing properties, because the solution to dry, frizzy hair is adding lots of moisture!” says Estelle. Leave it on your hair as long as possible in the shower.
  2. Rinse hair with cold water in the shower,” Estelle says. “That cold water helps close the hair cuticle, which prevents it from frizzing up.”
  3. “When you dry your hair, don’t ruffle it up with a towel,” advises Estelle. “Instead, gently squeeze out water with an absorbent towel. Your cuticles will thank you!”
  4. Apply leave-in conditioner to damp hair to keep it moisturized and smooth all day,” says Estelle. “This adds weight and discourages it from frizzing up.”
  5. Try applying styling cream from roots to ends at night, then twist hair into a bun,” suggests Estelle. “In the morning, just run your hands through your hair and it should stay smooth all day.”
  6. Avoid brushing hair when it’s dry,” says Estelle. With each brushing you encourage breakage in the hair cuticle, which causes those frizzy strands. Instead, comb through your hair when it has conditioner on it in the shower.
  7. “If you need to blow dry your hair, apply a heat-protecting spray to avoid heat damage,” Estelle recommends. “Angle the dryer downwards along the hair so it blows down the cuticle. Finish with the cool setting to smooth it down more.”
  8. Limit the use of hair spray in your styling routine,” Estelle says. “Most hair spray contains alcohol, which can swell your hair cuticle and can cause frizz.”

About the experts

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