Spring Runway Hair Trends


With spring around the corner, you may be thinking about ways to wake up your hair from hibernation. From desert hues to elegant 20s cuts, the runways are brimming with new trends.

Designers aren’t forgetting about the hair, either. The winter 2012 runways have incorporated some fun and easygoing hairstyles that use bursts of bright colors, such as blonde, red, and lots of shine! If you want to revitalize your hair, here are some great ideas we’re excited to try ourselves:

1. The Ponytail.

One common trend of the spring runways has been the ponytail’s comeback. Some are loose and tousled, while others go for an elegant, slicked-back look. Start off by coating your hair with a flexible hair gel and brush it to the back of your head. Style the ponytail low and flat to the head for a supermodel elegance. For a wet sheen, blow-dry over the hair and finish with a touch of hair spray.

Celebrity hair colorist Estelle Baumhauer says this look is great for vibrant red hair colors. “Vibrant shades really reflect light when you smooth the hair back,” she says. Try using hair gel to sleek back your locks into an illuminating look.

To spice up your current hair color for spring, make a bold move by adding red tones to blonde or auburn hair. Copper tones can warm up your hair for a dramatic impact.

2. Urban Wave.

Another style that’s got critics raving is the long, naturally textured hair seen at Calvin Klein and J Mendel. To get this easygoing style, first let your hair dry naturally and then use a curling iron to give it a slight bend. Finish it off by raking your hands through for an effortless look.

Baumhauer loves this look on lighter hair tones. “The flowing, tousled look goes well with blonde and light brown hair,” she says. “It gives you that sunny, beachy look and the volume helps your color catch the light.”

Blonde shades are growing in popularity as the winter months start to warm up. If you’ve got lighter hair and want to add spring bling, one option is some face-framing highlights to give your color extra pop. Gold tones can add glow to your hair, especially on fading color.

3. Angular Bangs.

Bold, angular shapes are making a statement on the runways this spring, like at Marc Jacobs. One way to use this look is by styling asymmetrical bangs to create a dramatic, clean line. Try coating the bangs with hair gel and raking them at an angle across your forehead. Angular cuts at the ends can add to the effect.

These kinds of angles work great with darker, intense brunette colors. Baumhauer says that dramatic lines can bring out the intensity of dark colors without needing any highlights. “Dark tones don’t have as much natural texture, so you can amplify the color by drawing attention to the hair’s shape,” she says. A short, angular cut can work especially well if you have an edgy, dark hair color.

If your hair is on the dark end of the spectrum, make a spring statement by going a shade darker. If you want a safer choice, try softening the color by adding honey or bronze tones. These kinds of subtle highlights can bring out texture and dimension without being flashy about it.