Spring Into A Fresh Hairstyle


springhairWe keep hearing about the hottest spring trends, but what good are they if you’re not walking on a runway?

We picked some of the best springtime styles and found easy DIY ways to make them work for anyone:

Start with a bang

If you’re not ready to make a huge haircut commitment, bangs are a great way to ease into a change. (And bangs are red hot these days!). They can make your face look more structured and even hide fine lines around your forehead and eyes. Soft, side-swept bangs are a universally flattering look, plus they make any hairstyle (even a ponytail) look more polished.

Lose control

Do you spend all your morning styling time trying to tame your mane? Instead of controlling your natural texture, play it up instead! Enhance curls with a diffuser or use a texturizing spray to bring out natural waves. Not only will it save you time, but it will look naturally great on you!

Play the part

Dramatic parts are IN this season, and although yours doesn’t have to be zigzagged like a runway model’s, you can take a page from the trend and play with your own. Try switching your part to a new side, going deeper, or maybe putting it right in the middle. You’ll be amazed at how such a small change can transform your whole look!

Fake it

If your hair seems thinner than it used to (one side-effect of getting older), don’t be afraid to fake some volume. Try blow drying hair with a round brush, starting with hair upside down and flipping it during the drying process. When you blow dry, pull hair away from head instead of straight down, to help add thickness and bounce throughout the hair. Another quick way to fake it: spritz dry shampoo on your roots and work it through your hair for texture and body.

Time to brush up

If you find yourself working against your hair, take a look at the brush you’re using. Is it the best one for your hair type? A simple change can be just the thing for a fresh look. A large paddle brush works well for keeping straight or wavy hair smooth and sleek. For fine or thin hair, try a brush with soft natural bristles and a rubber base cushion that’s gentle on hair. Thick, coarse hair should use a brush with sturdy, wide-spaced nylon bristles. If you brush curly hair, try one with wooden bristles – they’re extra gentle and don’t cause static.

New season, new hue

Sometimes, springing into a new hue is just the change you need to freshen up your look. It doesn’t need to be major. Just a half shade lighter or a touch more red can bring out your features. For a totally customized experience, try eSalon.com. Colorists review all your personal details – from skin tone, eye color, hair preference, and more – then blend up a personalized hair color just for you, the same as in a salon. Then they’ll mail it to your door, all for only $20. Try it for 50% off!