The Newest Hair Color Trend For 2013


I was in the salon for a hair color appointment when it hit me: at $150 every 6 weeks, I spend well over $1,000 coloring my hair every year. That doesn’t even include trims and tip!

Something had to be done. I timidly asked my hairdresser if she knows any options to help me save money. Unfortunately that was the last thing she wanted to hear. She blew up about the awful boxed colors at the drugstore and her new competition: online color from

My eSalon color application

The eSalon hair color solution

eSalon provides home hair color, but it’s just like the professional color you get at a salon. Each order is individually blended just for you by experts, using the same high quality ingredients, then sent to your door for home use.

So I had to try out this new hair color. At $20 an application, it’s so much more affordable than the salon! No wonder my hairdresser was in a tizzy!

What really got me was how personalized the entire process was. After I placed my order, I received a call from one of their color experts the next day. She wanted to double check details about my hair before creating my individual color blend. And when my color arrived at my doorstep, the bottle even had my name on it – that’s how personalized it is!

Results I fell in love with

You can guess how overjoyed I was when the color turned out perfect – they somehow recreated the exact color I’ve been getting at the salon! It was so rich and vivid, plus it completely covered every one of my grays! It’s been about three weeks so far, and my color still looks great.

If you’re on the fence about this “custom color” idea, let me just say I’m a customer for life. eSalon makes it pretty tempting to try out their color risk-free. Your first order is only $9.95 (which is 50% off), and you can refund the whole cost if you’re not happy.

Go to their site to get your first order:

eSalon offered me one free color application to review the product.