10 Steps To Repair Damaged Hair At Home


Here’s a New Year’s resolution: have beautiful, healthy hair every single day!

If bad hair days are more regular than they should be, you may be suffering from damaged or dry hair. To get you on the road to a year of healthy tresses, eSalon’s Color Director Estelle Baumhauer discusses 10 ways to repair your hair at home:

  1. Test it: To see if your hair is dry or damaged, try stretching a strand from both ends. “If it breaks easily, your hair does not contain enough moisture and may be dry or damaged,” says Estelle.
  2. Hydrate it:  “Use a high quality moisturizing product to help hydrate your hair, which will get it on the way to becoming healthier,” recommends Estelle. “Look for pure, natural oils, such as Argan oil, since these will penetrate strands and lock in moisture.” For extremely dry hair, try something richer such as jojoba or coconut oil – rub a few drops onto your strands then wash it off after a few minutes.
  3. Control the heat: “If you regularly use heated styling tools on your hair, minimize damage by applying a heat-protecting styling cream beforehand,” says Estelle. In addition, set your tools to the lowest possible heat setting.
  4. Weather protection: “Both cold and warm weather can be very drying to your tresses, so it’s important to reduce exposure to the elements when possible,” Estelle warns. Wear a hat and leave-in conditioner for protection, and use rich shampoo and conditioner to treat hair after.
  5. Trim it: “Did you know split ends can actually travel up the rest of your hair? This increases the amount of damage,” says Estelle. Get a trim every 6-8 weeks to minimize the appearance of damage and get on the road to healthier hair.
  6. Hair mask: Dry hair can benefit from a weekly hair mask treatment, according to Estelle. “Get one that is ultra-hydrating, so it will restore and seal in extra moisture,” she adds.
  7. Don’t shampoo as much: Shampoo removes your hair’s oils, which act as a natural conditioning treatment. Try to retain these oils by skipping a day between shampooing. When you do wash, gently rub your scalp and just let the lather run down your hair.
  8. Eat right: Eating the right vitamins and minerals can help grow healthy, stronger hair. Make sure you eat plenty of essential fatty acids, vitamins A, C, and B12, protein, biotin, and zinc – all of which promote healthy hair growth.
  9. Color right: Harsh chemicals can strip your hair’s natural oils and weaken the strands. “But you can help prevent damage by staying within 2 shades of your natural color. This requires less processing and isn’t as harsh of a treatment,” says Estelle. “Plus, only color the root regrowth when possible,” she adds. “Applying color allover on each touch-up can damage the previously colored hair.”
  10. Quality hair color at home: Applying high quality pigment can actually condition hair and make it healthier than before. eSalon.com, the hottest home hair color solution, has colorists and salon grade ingredients to offer the best home hair color solution on the market. And it’s ruffling the feathers of hairstylists across the country.

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