Rachael Ray Dishes Up Exciting New Way To Cover Grays


beforeafterredIt might seem crazy, but a new hair care company called eSalon is hated within their own industry. Hated.

How do they know? Well, there’s the volume of hate mail they receive… “How could you,” one stylist wrote. “We’re losing business because of you!” another claimed.

And the media is buzzing. When the Rachael Ray Show featured eSalon, celebrity host Rachael Ray said on her show: “This is exciting!” and her style expert Gretta Monahan even admitted: “I own salons – I was very impressed by this.”

So, what’s the problem? eSalon gives clients a salon style service, but at an affordable price. No one likes it when the competition steals the spotlight. And eSalon has done just that…

Even industry competitors are checking them out! (We’re looking at you Clairol and L’Oreal…) But the thing is, eSalon is nothing like the mass-made box color at the drugstore.

eSalon’s hair color is individually blended just for you, the same as in a salon, under the guidance of an expert colorist. It’s blended with high-quality ingredients so you’ll get professional results and coverage. And the color is so personalized, your name is on the bottle because it’s made for you and no one else!

The days of spending hours and a hefty $100+ at a salon are history. Instead, eSalon will send a fully personalized hair color to your doorstep to apply at home, complete with professional accessories (coloring brush, stain guard, stain remover, gloves, shampoo & conditioner), and the color is under $20!

Their service is designed to replace pricey salon visits, but eSalon is earning the seal of approval from celebs and experts alike. In fact, Rachael Ray’s style guru Gretta said on the show: “This is a winner… it’s a great product!” No wonder hairstylists are feeling the heat!

But enough talk. The only way to discover the difference is to give eSalon a try, and right now new clients can get a 50% discount off their first order. They’re offering a full custom color kit for just $9.95* with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

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*Plus $4.95 s&h. With this offer, you get access to eSalon’s custom haircolor program, which makes it easy and convenient to stop your roots from peeking through. You can always stop or restart the service at any time. Your first custom hair color is only $9.95, and you’ll save 20% on future applications (just  $19.95 plus $4.95 s&h). And if you’re ever unhappy with your color, eSalon will make you a new one or give you your money back!