How To Get Professional Color At Home With eSalon


A new hair care company called provides salon-quality hair color results in the comfort of your own home. One of their secrets? A new at-home technique called “Shine & Rinse.”

Shine & Rinse is a trick straight from the salon and helps ensure your results will be spot-on! Drugstore boxed color doesn’t include this step. But eSalon color is professional grade – and professional, highly pigmented color can appear flat if applied incorrectly.

By completing this step, you can achieve incredible shine, dimension, and color from roots to ends. In fact, this process mimics what experts do in a salon!

Steps for professional results:

  1. After applying your eSalon hair color according to the instructions (and letting it process for the time specified), make sure to keep the remaining color in the bottle or bowl.
  2. Add water to that remaining color. You should have equal parts water and color, giving you a diluted mixture.
  3. If you have any color stains around your hair line, rub them with your fingers in small circles to loosen the color from the skin.
  4. Now comes the tricky part: Apply that diluted mixture to your hair and massage it through to the ends. Really work up a lather for about 2 minutes. (We recommend doing this in the shower, since it may get messy!)
  5. Now you can rinse off the color mixture in the shower.
  6. Shampoo and condition your hair. This is important! Shampoo helps remove excess color and prevents your scalp from becoming overly dry, while conditioner helps lock in moisture and color.
  7. And voila! Once your hair dries, you should see a gorgeous mane of rich, shiny color!
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