Is Permanent Or Demi-Permanent Color Best For You?


Are you using the right kind of hair color? When it comes to coloring your tresses, knowing all your options will help you get the best results. Here’s how to decide whether permanent or demi-permanent hair color is best for you:


Permanent color works by first removing the natural hair pigment. Then, it deposits artificial color pigment deep into the hair, penetrating the hair cuticle, to permanently change the overall color. Depending on the developer used, permanent color has the ability to lighten your hair – for home applications we recommend lightening your hair by only 1-2 shades.

If you want a rich, vibrant hue, it’s best to use permanent color. Most colorists recommend a permanent application for wiping out those gray hairs, especially the resistant ones.


Demi-permanent color is weaker than permanent and can’t remove the natural pigment in your hair. This means that it rests on top of the hair cuticle without making permanent changes and does not have the ability to lighten your hair. It also gradually washes out of your hair after about 28 shampoos.

Demi-permanent color is a good option if you don’t want an extreme change. Also, you won’t see a demarcation line when your roots grow out, since the color will gradually fade. A demi-permanent application can add color to grays and blend them with the rest of your hair, but it’s not strong enough to provide complete coverage. If your hair is more than 25% gray, we recommend a permanent application.

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