Hairstyles That Make You Look 10 Years Younger


Did you know that the right hairstyle is key to making you look refreshed and youthful?

“For the most flattering effect, you want to focus on creating a soft look,” says Estelle, the Color Director at online hair color provider “The right styling can work magic to take years off your face, versus the wrong ones that can emphasize fine lines and make you appear older.”

Read on for Estelle’s best anti-aging hair tips:

1. Long Waves

Although long hairstyles can potentially pull down a mature face, you can make long hair work for you. “Go for long, loose waves that frame your face and add a soft overall look,” says Estelle. “Avoid super straight hair, which can be harsh and unflattering,” she adds.

2. Bouncy Curls

Voluminous, bouncy curls do wonders to draw attention away from any visible signs of aging and also make your face appear slimmer. “The loose, bouncy texture makes you appear youthful and glowing!” says Estelle. To get age-reviving body like that, use two different sized curling irons, then run your fingers through to soften them up, Estelle suggests.

3. Flattering Layers

Get a haircut with layers that are the right length to frame your face. “The layers open your face for a more youthful look,” says Estelle. To get a flattering effect, blow dry the layers outwards to open them up.

4. Short Cut

“If you have fine or thinning hair, your best bet is usually a haircut that’s shoulder-length or shorter,” Estelle recommends. “Short styles can give thin hair extra body, especially with side fringe or layers for texture.” Plus, the layers framing your face give it a youthful look.

5. Modern Updo

Pulling up your hair can be a classic style, but high updos risk adding years to your look. “The trick here is preventing it from looking harsh,” says Estelle. “Try making a deep side part and sweeping the big section across your forehead like bangs. Then pull the hair into a low bun for a flattering style.”

6. Lighter Color

“Very dark hair colors can look harsh against a mature face, and may unfortunately add years to your appearance,” Estelle warns. “Instead, go with a slightly lighter shade than your natural color.” This can open up and brighten your face. Just don’t go too light, or you risk washing out your skin.

7. Best home hair color

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