7 Tips To Keep Hair Healthy All Winter


As the weather gets colder, don’t forget to give your hair extra pampering. Sun, wind, indoor heating, and cold winter weather can combine to create a season of bad hair days.

Estelle Baumhauer, the Color Director at eSalon.com, a custom hair color provider, has these suggestions for maintaining healthy hair all winter:

  1. Limit washing: Your hair needs as much of its natural oils as possible, because they provide an extra layer of protection against the elements. “Shampoo removes these oils, so try to skip a day between washing if you can,” says Estelle.
  2. Conditioner: During the winter months, Estelle recommends a rich, moisturizing conditioner that will seal in moisture, which is key to keeping hair healthy. For extra thick or curly hair, use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to restore lost moisture, focusing on the ends rather than the roots. For thin or fine hair, use a light, leave-in conditioner spray instead.
  3. Treatment oil: Anytime your hair seems very dry – such as after coming in from the cold – apply a small amount of hair oil to your palms, rub them together, then comb hands through hair starting at the ends and working up to the roots.
  4. Static hair: “A leave-in conditioner or hair serum helps keep hair weighed down, which will prevent flyaways and keep hair in place during winter weather,” advises Estelle. One secret to quickly banishing static hair: a dryer sheet! Rub it lightly over your hair to remove static electricity.
  5. Dry hair fully: Don’t go outside with wet hair. Make sure it’s thoroughly dried before hitting the chilly outdoors, recommends Estelle.
  6. Products: Avoid hair products with high alcohol content that will dry out the hair and make it brittle in winter weather. Try to use products that add moisture. Instead of your usual hair gel, switch to a styling cream, because it will help prevent breakage.
  7. Quality hair color: To avoid causing damage from coloring, make sure you use a high quality color to cover those grays. eSalon.com has colorists and salon grade ingredients to offer the best home hair color solution on the market. And it’s ruffling the feathers of hairstylists across the country.

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