Hairstyles For Every Age


No matter what your age, you may run into trouble finding the perfect way to style your hair. After you hit 30 your hair will eventually start thinning out, so the styles you wore as a teenager may not fit you quite the same now.

It’s always important to match your personality for the most natural look, but here are some ideas to get you styling at every age.

In your 20s

This is the age when you can try pretty much anything. A common favorite is a long, layered cut. You can style up the layers into beach-y waves or messy curls. If you want an updo, tie your hair back but mess it up a little for a sexy, tousled look.

Your 20s are a good time to experiment with different lengths and colors, since your hair grows faster and thicker now than other times in your life. A short, elegant hairstyle can help you look more mature – but make sure it’s a cut that fits your face shape. If you want to reinvent your look with a color change, try going with the shade your hair was when you were little – this color tends to be naturally flattering on people.

In your 30s

These are your power years so try to keep your lifestyle in mind when finding an appropriate hairstyle. One good idea is to keep your hair long and smooth. Clean lines will give you a mature and professional look. Or, try a heightened, smooth ponytail if you want a polished look.

Of course, the most important idea is to stick with who you are. If you want an edgy, angled cut, it may work for you if it fits your personality and lifestyle. For a softer look, you can try a blunt shoulder-length cut and side-swept bangs. If you’re busy running three kids to school and piano lessons, you may prefer a shoulder-length cut that can be pulled into a ponytail during the day or styled down in the evening.

In your 40s

When you hit your 40s, layers can do a lot to open up and lighten your look. One flattering cut is collarbone-length hair with long layers. You can pull the hair back into a low chignon or French twist for a soft, sexy look that’s appropriate for your age. If you want something more athletic, try a shorter, sleek look.

Stay away from flat, blunt cuts since they’re usually too harsh for mature faces. Instead, face-framing layers are flattering for most types. They give fine hair extra body, and they make coarse hair lighter. Try to get layers around your face and chin to add definition to your facial structure. If you have unwanted wrinkles around your forehead or eyes, side-swept bangs can be an easy way to cover them up.

50 and over

Shoulder-length cuts are flattering for many women over 50. You don’t necessarily have to go with short hair, but a stylish bob like Nancy Pelosi’s can be an elegant way to wear your years. Try piece-y layers around your face to flatter your features. Also, remember not to let your hair look over-styled, or else you’ll end up dating yourself and looking even older. Try to keep your style natural-looking.

Healthy hair is one of the most important things to remember at any age. This will keep you looking as young and fresh as you feel. Promote healthy hair by using a good conditioner every time you wash it. This will retain your hair’s moisture and make it shiny. Also, make sure you eat a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of protein, since it helps with healthy hair growth.