How To Prevent Gray Hair, Thinning, and Other Quirks That Happen Over Time


It’s one of those surprises no one warned you about – along with your skin, eyes, and the rest of you, your hair ages as well. Maybe first it became rougher and harder to manage. Then your ponytail started getting thinner and thinner.

These changes are completely normal – and even better, here are ways to combat them so you can return to the hair of your youth!


As you age, the curvature of your hair changes as well. It may become wiry, kinky and unmanageable. This also makes your hair more vulnerable to damage, since each kink creates a weak spot on your hair.

Luckily, you can counteract the texture changes by using hair products that protect from damage and also keep your hair smooth. You should minimize hair brushing as well, since it breaks the cuticle and causes more damage. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle your hair.


You may have noticed that your hair becomes dryer and dryer each year. That’s because as you age your scalp produces less sebum, which is the oil responsible for naturally conditioning your hair.

You can prevent your hair from drying out by reducing the number of times you shampoo it or alternating with a dry shampoo. Also, a leave-in conditioner or a moisturizing hair mask will boost up the moisture.


The number of hair fibers on your scalp begins to decrease in your 20s, and by the time you’re 60 the number can drop by 30-35%. Plus, in your 40s the diameter of your hair strands will start to shrink too, so you may end up with overall thinner hair.

The best defense for thinning hair is using a keratin-enriched shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner that will boost up the hair that’s left. You can also use a root-lifting product to get more volume from your hair. Stay away from heated styling tools and back-combing styles, which will just damage your hair more.

Gray hair

As you get older, your scalp produces less melanin, which is responsible for adding color to your hair. It also protects your hair from UV rays, and it even adds extra shine. However, as you produce less melanin, your hair color will fade to gray and your hair will become duller. By age 50, 50 percent of the population will have 50 percent gray hair, according to WebMD.

Although many celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis and Helen Mirren let their silver strands grow in, the truth is that for most women natural gray hair will make them look older. Covering gray hair with color can be a quick and simple way to revive your hair and look years younger. Warm color tones, such as chocolate brown or golden blonde, work well to cover grays and soften your features. It’s a good idea to pick your color carefully, since a complementary shade can do wonders to make you look younger.

Get the right color at home, every time

If you need to restore your hair color, you have several options for finding the right shade. You can have a stylist evaluate the perfect color for you, but salon bills add up fast. You could also search through boxed dyes at a drugstore, but the choices get confusing for even the most color-savvy women. Luckily, there’s another way to get the right shade without paying big at a salon –

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