Hair Stylists Turn on One of Their Own


She’s a celebrity stylist fresh from behind the chair at the most exclusive, well-heeled salons in the U.S. and Europe — but mild-mannered expert colorist Estelle Baumhauer is suddenly irritating fellow stylists across the country.

Her crime? Offering color techniques and products perfected at top-notch salons to everyday folks coloring at home.

Says Estelle, “I’ve had stylists call up or write us and say, ‘How can one of our own stab us in the back? You’re going to put us out of business!’”

But a fearless Estelle isn’t backing down. She’s taking what she’s learned after 20 years in the trenches at high-end salons (in such fashionable towns as Los Angeles, New York and Paris), to create a business catering to personalized, quality home hair care.

“The truth is,” says Estelle (whose top client list includes Nicole Kidman & Hilary Clinton),  “professional, high quality hair color doesn’t have to cost a fortune. And the company I oversee proves that.  Maybe I am stealing away some of their clients, but I’m just trying to give women an affordable salon-quality color solution.”

Salons Obsolete

Clearly, stylists feel betrayed that “one of their own” would embrace a business that could make salon stops nearly obsolete. How is that possible? Through an online business model that allows Estelle’s clients to log in to the company online, fill out a color profile, even personally consult with a color expert if necessary, via email or on the phone… And within minutes, Estelle’s team of color experts can mix a tailor-made color formula for the client. A color kit, with the formula and application tools, is then shipped to straight the client’s doorstep, for just $22.

“And it’s a better quality mix than any drug store box can offer,” Estelle added, “Salon stylists always say the drug store stuff is diluted, it fades out quickly, it’s not personalized. But I’m offering salon grade ingredients, personalized attention, and affordable prices.”

Offering it all!

Actually, Estelle even admits to understanding the rage of her fellow colorists.

“I guess if I were still charging $200 dollars for a color job that another colorist can provide for $20-something, I’d be upset, too,” Estelle confided. “But my loyalty is to my customer. And if I’m making my customers happy, then it doesn’t matter if I’m ostracized by my colleagues. I can sleep at night with a clear conscience!”

That’s why slowing down any time soon is out of the question, Estelle says.

“Everyone has the right to beautiful hair without having to pay inflated salon prices,” she says. “This is a solution no other business can bring to women.”

Want to learn more about Estelle’s beauty philosophy?

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