3 Hair Rules For After 40


Truth be told, at age 40 our hair and skin just isn’t what it used to be. Hormonal changes and plain ol’ time sneak up on us despite our best efforts…

But that’s no cause to fret! Just update your look by following these 3 guidelines:

Rule #1

Pour on the TLC! As hair ages, it naturally becomes dryer and thinner. So give it a boost by going easy on heated styling tools, which can distress hair.

Use heat repair products or strengthening serums to give hair fresh life.

Rule #2

Bangs and layers are your best friends! Wispy fringe, side swept bangs, and face framing layers are de-aging multi-taskers. Fringe around your forehead can conceal fine lines. Piecey texture also hides root growth and grays – so you can go longer between color applications.

Rule #3

Speaking of coloring, update your hair color too! Sometimes, the vivid, edgy colors you may have worn in the past (think deep black or platinum) can exaggerate imperfections, and may look harsh on some features.  But a simple switch to softer, richer colors (like brown, beige or golden tones), can give you a super flattering look!

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