What You Need To Know About A “Colorfill”


Many times, clients decide to make the change from a very light hair color to a much darker one.

At first, it looks like this only requires a dose of color. But if you ask an expert, there’s more to it. “When hair has been chemically lightened, it loses the warm tones naturally present in darker colors,” says color expert Estelle Baumhauer, the Color Director at online hair color retailer eSalon.com.

How to go darker

So when you decide to go back to a darker hue after lightening your hair, you must restore those underlying warm tones, such as gold, copper and red. Failing to do so means the new color you apply won’t have natural warm pigments under it, so it will definitely not turn out right.

“If you apply a Brown color over bleached hair, you will end up with green hair!” says Estelle. This is also the case for clients who have bleached highlights that they want to color over.

For cases like this, she recommends a “colorfill” application (sometimes called a “Demi-fill”). This is a two-part color application:

  • The first part is a demi-permanent application that deposits the necessary warm tones onto your hair.
  • The second is applied on top of that and helps your hair move towards your color goal.

Don’t expect final results

“This is an in-between step,” warns Estelle. “It will take at least one more application to get the full results.”

The colorfill uses demi-permanent color to deposit warm tones on your hair. After the process, many clients feel their hair looks too warm (or brassy). But don’t worry – that is all part of the process! If the colorfill left you with too much warmth, your next color application can be designed to neutralize brassiness.

What about grays? “You will not get complete gray coverage yet, because the colorfill uses a demi-permanent color that is not strong enough for grays,” says Estelle. “But we can give you a permanent application on your next order for stronger coverage.”

She recommends waiting about 3-4 weeks until your next color application. Hair can only receive so much color at once, so don’t apply the next color right away.

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