Flat Hair Fixes


Big Red HairTired of that wet cat look? Fear not that flat hair!  At eSalon.com headquarters we scoped out some salon secrets to fix those limp locks.

To avoid flat hair you have to start when you step out of the shower.

Our expert colorist/stylist Vivian Lee (Yes, like the movie star!) recommends adding styling products like mousse or thickening spray to towel dried hair before using a blow dryer. She warns that everyone should find the perfect amount of styling product for their hair as the bottle’s recommended amount might not be enough for thick hair, or too much for short hair.

Big Blonde Hair“Rough dry” your hair by flipping it upside down and drying it 85%, using only your hands, then begin the smoothing process with a round brush.

Vivian always starts styling hair in the front when blow drying, tackling the potential cow lick first, “The front of your hair is the most important part, it frames your face!” Style hair in the opposite direction than hair usually falls for major lift at the roots.

She says to remember that, “It’s easier to take out volume than add it after your hair is completely dry.” This rule of maximum volume is not a “create 80s bangs” permission slip, but those who like big hair should be comforted by Vivian’s sage like advice.

Big UpdoFinally, once your hair has the bounce and movement you want maintain your volume with dry shampoo. Why? Because washing hair too frequently strips color, consumes time, wastes water, and can result in dry scalp. In fact, during photo shoots in Los Angeles stylists frequently have models flip their hair over so they can spray it liberally with dry shampoo to add volume.  Dry shampoo absorbs excess oil and can buy you another day between washings.

Armed with your new eSalon.com styling secrets  go out into the world and create quality bounce!