Find The Perfect Summer Makeup For Your Hair Color


With the summer months approaching, everyone’s wondering how to update their makeup for the summer 2012 season. Some of the notable fashion trends, such as clean, natural faces or bright pops of color, can easily be used with your everyday look.

But don’t rush off to buy that fashionable shade before finding out which will look best with your hair color. Everyone’s hair has a special complement, so make sure your makeup is the perfect hue to make you glow all summer long.

For blondes…

If you have a lighter hair color, don’t let your makeup overwhelm your look. This summer, opt for a light and natural makeup palette, because soft shades will add a sunny, summer sheen to your face. Light-reflecting pastel or subtle pink or nude eye shades work well for brightening your skin. You may also be able to use coppers, bronzes, and even some melon tones to help enhance your lighter look. Just remember to stay away from dark colors because they’ll be too harsh against your hair and skin.

To get your fresh summer look, use a gentle blush to add color contours with soft brushstrokes to accent your cheeks, chin, and forehead. Pale pink lips and a sweep of mascara can finish off your summer-ready look.

For brunettes…

Brunettes are the lucky ones – they can get away with almost any makeup shade! This summer, try playing around with new colors to see which you like best. You can even be bold and try a trendy navy blue or a bright yellow eye shadow.

One popular makeup trend for summer 2012 is bright pops of color. Try this out on your own with glossy red lips or scarlet eye shadow. Another bold option can be plum shadow, which is a color that flatters nearly everyone. If you’re less daring color-wise, a mocha or neutral brown shade can complement your hair and look natural against your skin.

For redheads…

If your bright red hair color is your summer statement, keep your makeup natural and low key so it doesn’t overpower your face. Minimal makeup is in this season, so you’ll fit right in with natural skin and eyes.

One fun idea is to experiment with lipstick shades that make your hair color pop – try to find the perfect one that complements your hair color. Or, go the natural route and keep it simple with tinted lip balm or lip conditioner. If you want to give your eyes some trendy definition, line them in the cat-eye style with a swoop of black eyeliner winged on the outside edges. For fair-skinned redheads, a light shimmering of bronzing powder on your nose, cheeks, forehead and chin can accentuate your features.

General tips…

There are some summer makeup ideas that look good on everyone. For example, trading in your foundation for a tinted moisturizer will give your skin a lighter, summer sheen, regardless of your natural tone. Bronze accents are always a great idea for the summer months, no matter what shade your hair color is. Also, everyone can keep in the strain of the natural makeup trend by using minimal eyeliner and only light sweepings of mascara – you don’t need to overdo it this season.