Fast Fixes For Common Hair Problems


You have a party in 3 hours, and just realized your hair needs serious work! Check out these fast fixes for reviving color-treated hair in a pinch, from Estelle Baumhauer, Color Director at online hair color provider

Problem: Different colored roots

Solution: “If your regrowth looks obvious and you don’t have time for a color application, bide your time with wavy, loose, braided or textured hairstyles,” suggests Estelle. “These will help blend roots with the rest of your hair.”

Problem: Gray roots

Solution: When you only have a few hours to get ready, you can cheat your root regrowth by dusting on a colored powder as a temporary fix. Depending on your hair color, dampen a brush and dust eye shadow or foundation over your part line where the roots are visible. This should get you enough camouflage for the night!

Problem: Dull color

Solution: “Dull, lackluster hair tends to happen when you have product buildup on your scalp,” warns Estelle. But you can easily fix this by removing the buildup to get back to your bright color. “Use a scalp treatment oil (I often recommend one containing tea tree oil) to clear up buildup. You can also use a clarifying shampoo, but make sure it’s high quality so it won’t make your color fade,” she adds.

Problem: No shine

Solution: If your hair doesn’t have the shine it used to have, try rinsing it with cold water. This helps make the cuticle lay flat, which will give you shinier hair. “Also, when drying hair, gently pat it dry instead of ruffling it up with a towel,” suggests Estelle.

Problem: Dry hair

Solution: “If your hair is drier than usual, apply a leave-in conditioner or hair serum before styling it,” recommends Estelle. “This will restore moisture, plus the extra moisturizing properties will keep it hydrated all day.”

Problem: Fading color

Solution: “To keep your hair color as vivid as the first coloring, use a color deposit product to help enhance your color on each wash,” says Estelle. “The Color Enhancing Treatment from deposits pigment to the hair, to help tone, brighten, and enhance your color.” Also, make sure your regular shampoo is designed for color-treated hair so it won’t promote fading.

Problem: Premixed boxed color

Solution: – It’s the hottest home hair color solution on the market. And it’s ruffling the feathers of hairstylists across the country. Estelle says: “Outraged colorists tell me, ‘You’re going to put us out of business!'”

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