Get Your Best Fall Hair Color


As summer cools down into fall, many clients look for ways to liven up their hair for the season. Color expert Estelle Baumhauer, Color Director at, an online company that provides made to order, custom blended salon hair color for home use, breaks down how to enrich your hue for fall.

For Brunettes

If you’re looking to give your brunette locks the fall treatment, consider this seasonal trend: going warmer and darker. “For many people, dark brown hair colors can naturally highlight the eyes and skin, so it’s an easy way to change your look in the cooler fall months,” explains Estelle.

It doesn’t have to be an extreme color change; a subtle, warmer tone, such as chocolate or dark auburn, can be a great way to add warmth and dimension to your hair.

For Redheads

As you leave the summer months, many redheads can exchange the bright, ruby tones in their hair for a deeper, rich fall color. “Revive summer-faded locks by going a touch darker and more intense, without making a drastic change,” suggests Estelle.

“Try going with warm, red tones, such as copper and auburn, to balance out paler fall skin and give your hair a rich, multidimensional look,” Estelle adds. If you don’t want to make an extreme change, try a strawberry blonde hair color to add a soft red accent.

For Blondes

For lighter-haired clients, warming up your color with a beige tone can be a great way to transition your hair into fall. “This can be a soft, subtle way to tone down your blonde to match a paler skin tone,” Estelle says. “Plus, the softer, warmer blonde color can keep your hair looking natural, fresh, and vibrant as the weather cools down.”


About eSalon

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