Demi vs. Permanent


It may seem like a hair-splitting question: do I use a permanent dye, or one that will wash out? There are a few important things to know to stop gray hair from aging you before your time.

Permanent dye

Let’s start off by looking at how permanent dye works. First it removes the natural hair pigment so the artificial color pigment can replace it. The tiny color molecules penetrate the hair cuticle and permanently change the pigment.

If you want a rich, vibrant color, it’s best to use a permanent dye on your hair. It’s also the best choice for wiping out those gray hairs that seem to resist color. Just listen to the pros – most hair colorists recommend a permanent hair dye if you have more than a few strands of gray hair.

Demi-permanent dye

So what about demi-permanent dye? Demi-permanent is weaker than permanent dye and can’t remove natural color pigment. This means that it rests on top of the hair cuticle without making lasting changes, kind of like lipstick on your lips. Eventually, it will fade away – usually in about 24 hair washes.

Demi-permanent dye isn’t strong enough to cover lots of gray hair. It does enhance the color if you want to blend gray hair with the rest. Most men’s hair color is made of demi-permanent dye. This is because men’s hair is typically shorter and grows in faster. If men use a permanent dye, the roots will be much more obvious when they grow in. Instead, using a demi-permanent makes the hair look more natural because the dye slowly fades as the hair grows back.

What about damage?

Some people assume it’s better to use demi-permanent dye because companies claim it’s gentler on the hair. But it’s important to know that permanent dyes provide a better coloring and aren’t necessarily damaging to your locks.
If your hair is more than 25% gray, the best idea is to go with permanent dye. Permanent color will completely cover the gray, instead of just blending it in.

If you can find a permanent dye that contains ingredients like vitamin E, B5 and aloe vera, your hair will actually benefit from the treatment and display less damage. Make sure you find a high-quality dye, such as for at-home coloring.

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