How To Color Previously Colored Hair At Home


Coloring your hair at home can save money and time on pricey salon visits, but sometimes it’s difficult to be your own stylist. Here are salon tips for coloring highlights, going darker, going lighter, and maintaining color, from color expert Estelle Baumhauer, Color Director at, an online company that provides personalized, custom blended home hair color.


If you have highlights, you can color over or maintain them. “If you color over highlights, it may not process evenly over your hair,” says Estelle. “For this reason, I generally recommend a ‘colorfill’ application.”

A colorfill first deposits warm tones over your hair to restore warmth to the highlighted sections. Then it applies the target color. This helps you achieve an even color allover.

“But if you’re keeping highlights and need to cover those gray roots, use a single process color root application,” says Estelle. Use a color that matches your base to blend gray regrowth for a natural effect.

Going darker

If you’ve previously colored your hair a light color and want to go darker, Estelle says you may need a “colorfill” (just like with highlights). This process first restores necessary warm tones, then finishes with your target color application.

Lightened hair tends to lose the warm tones naturally found in darker hair colors, so the colorfill process helps restore them before applying the darker color.

Going lighter

If you previously colored your hair a dark shade but want to go lighter, it may be difficult to reach your target. “You won’t be able to lighten previously colored hair without harsh bleaches,” Estelle says.

“Plus, a color more than two shades above or below your natural color can be difficult and potentially damaging to the hair,” Estelle adds.

Maintaining same color

If you are happy with your color and want to touch up the roots, you don’t need to apply color all over. “Applying color to the previously colored part below the regrowth will unnecessarily darken it and potentially cause damage,” warns Estelle.

“Instead, just apply color to the regrowth that doesn’t have color,” she says.


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