The Best New Way To Color Your Hair


beforeNew hair care company eSalon is infuriating hairstylists across the country. They provide individually blended hair color just like in a salon, and now they’re a target: “Hairstylists have written us angry letters saying, ‘How could you do this? We’re losing clients because of you!’”

But despite the flurry of outrage, eSalon is turning heads. Even celebrity TV host Rachael Ray said on her show: “This is exciting!”

Maybe it’s because eSalon provides a salon style service, but at home. They offer clients the full treatment: affordable hair color for home use, with the guidance of a professional colorist, and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Even Rachael Ray’s style guru Gretta Monahan said, “I own salons – I was very impressed by this.” Check out Rachael Ray’s reaction to eSalon for yourself.

eSalon’s answer for hair color

eSalon is nothing like the mass-made boxed colors at the drugstore. Instead, the hair color is individually blended just for you, like in a salon. They use salon-grade ingredients that give you professional color and 100% gray coverage. The personalized pigment even has your name on the bottle, because it’s made for you and no one else. Then they’ll mail it right to your doorstep for a convenient home application, and the color is under $20.

And the results speak for themselves. Rachael Ray’s style expert Gretta said on the show: This is a winner… it’s a great product!” It’s not just the media that’s buzzing. Total Beauty users rate eSalon 9.6 out of 10 and it was voted “Best Hair Color 2013” – blowing away industry heavyweights like L’Oreal and Clairol!

Salon results or your money back!

Your color comes with a coloring brush, gloves, stain guard, stain remover, and shampoo & conditioner – in addition to the guidance of expert colorists. Plus, eSalon has a special offer for new customers: Get your first custom color kit for only $10* (a 50% savings!), with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

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 *plus $4.95 s&h