How Color Affects the Mind and Body


RedHead1Hair color is a really personal choice, because whether we want to admit it or not color itself affects the way we think and act; it can trigger strong emotions and physical changes.  The same color might elicit contrasting reactions from two different people.

Researchers are just beginning to understand how color and psychology work together.  To inspire your search for the perfect color match we rounded up some of the best color theories from around the internet.

BlueRoomColor is one of the first pieces of information our body takes in when it enters a new environment. Evolution has taught us to react instinctively to color.  Whether it be a hair color or a color in nature.

For example:

  • Blue, generally suppresses appetite because it is the color of food that has gone bad.

  • Red is the color of blood and is mentally associated with vitality, passion, and power.

  • GreenTrees

    Green is the easiest color for the human eye to process because it is the predominant color of nature so it’s soothing, and represents health and tranquility.

Color can have different meanings depending on where in the world you grew up. In western cultures white is usually considered a color that represents purity and peace, but in the east white is the color of mourning. The Cherokees considered blue the color of defeat, but in the Middle East blue is the color of protection, and in China blue is associated with immortality.

RedLeafEven the temperature of your environment can play a role in personal color preference. People who list cool colors, like blue, green, or purple, as their favorites tend to feel warmer, while people who chill easily usually prefer warmer colors like red, orange, and yellow.

Colors have also been used as medicine.  Ancient cultures believed colors could heal, a practice called chromotherapy. For example in China yellow was believed to activate the nerves and purify the body, while violet alleviated skin problems.

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