What To Know Before A Hair Color Change


Are you considering making the switch from blonde to brunette? Or maybe thinking of adding a red hue to change your look?

When you give your hair a makeover, you may need a style makeover too. Here are professional tips from color expert Estelle Baumhauer, Color Director at eSalon.com, an online company that provides personalized, custom blended home hair color.

Going brunette

For hair that’s “in between” – not quite blonde, not quite brown – you can add some vibrancy by darkening it to a brunette shade. Brunette colors are great if you’re looking for a low-maintenance shade, because they don’t fade as fast and require less upkeep.

Future brunettes should make sure to stock up on mascara, because dark lashes will help balance out the darker tone of your hair. You do have the freedom to play around with dramatic colors, such as jewel tones, on your eyes. These shades often look flattering on brunettes.

Be careful not to let the contrast between dark hair and fair skin wash out your face. Use light-reflecting shades, like peach or coral, to prevent it by warming up your skin. And a shimmery bronzer can do the trick to even out your skin tone.

Going blonde

If you’re trying to lighten up your hair color, pick your shade carefully. Not everyone looks their best with blonde hair. Often, those who had fair hair as a child are better candidates for blonde hair when they’re older.

If you do go with blonde, stay within two shades of your natural color because extreme lightening could damage your hair. One good idea is to lighten you hair by just ½ to 1 shade – it brightens your look without a dramatic change.

If you want to go blonde, try to use brown mascara instead of black, because it looks softer on your face. It’s a good idea to keep your makeup light and avoid bold colors, which may look overdone against light hair. Use soft, muted shades, such as pink or peach, and sheer lipstick colors for a flattering look.

Going red

If you have a cooler skin tone, you may be a perfect candidate for a red hue. But before you make the change, keep in mind that red shades tend to fade faster than others, especially if your hair is dry or damaged. Redheads should keep their hair conditioned to maintain their color.

If you want to go red, be prepared to keep your makeup light and simple. One complementary look is pink lips and blush. You can also adjust your makeup shades to match the undertones in your hair, to create a color harmony in your look. But try to stay away from dark and smoky eyes, since the intensity competes with your bold hair color.