Breakthrough New Hair Color System Makes It Easy to Cover Your Gray!


Home hair coloring of the past has always been problematic, with results rarely resembling that “color on the box” shade. Customers are basically forced to make a leap of faith, taking home some generic color, pre-blended for no one in particular, and then hope for the best.

Little wonder nobody ends up looking like that model on the box cover.

But a new, innovative beauty company wants to change all that. is a California based online start-up offering an approach to home hair coloring that is so unique, customers are already abandoning their drug store buys for good. Because they offer something the stores can’t – a home hair coloring system paired with personalized consultations and personalized pigment blends.

The concept is so smart. Yet so simple.

eSalon’s haircolor solution

With eSalon, every customer has access to a professional colorist, on stand-by to chat via email or phone, ready to help clients create a dye based on their hair shade and skin tone. For optimum results, clients can even upload a current photo.

eSalon’s  Color Director Estelle Baumhauer explains why this personalized attention makes all the difference, noting “Hair dye reacts differently depending on so many factors. For example, are you starting with your natural hair color or do you already have a color product on? Your hair texture even plays a part. That’s why pictures on hair color boxes can be so deceiving. They can’t take all these considerations into account for you, not like we can. The color we blend is for you and your specific hair type.”

And if customers can’t decide if their mousey brown should become vixen red, Estelle and her team offers help there, too.

“Choosing the perfect shade can be daunting,” Estelle admits. “The wrong shade can wash you out or, worse, make you look older than you are. But we’ll work with your skin tone to create a color that compliments your face and leaves you looking vibrant and, dare I say it? Younger! I’ve had clients swear I took 10 years off their face, just by giving them the right color blend.”

Should the color ever need tweaking – maybe a shade lighter or a touch brassier – clients can hop online and consult their personal color specialist.  They’ll re-blend that formula until it meets customer expectations, exactly.

Exceptional quality

Finally, eSalon’s color quality can’t be overlooked. These aren’t diluted down concoctions, like those sold over the counter and end up fading after a few shampoos. Their pigments are highly concentrated blends, identical to the long lasting dyes used by high-end salons. And every bottle includes conditioning elements, like vitamin E, B5 and aloe vera extracts, to promote a silky, soft hair finish.

In short, it’s salon quality products and service. But customers won’t pay salon quality prices. In fact, a personal consultation, customized dye blend, application tools, and home delivery costs just $19.95.

Want to learn more?

The best way to understand eSalon’s service is to give it a try. And right now, they have a special offer for new customers: Get your first custom color kit for only $9.95 (a 50% savings!), with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

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