How to Break Up with your Colorist


How should you break up with your colorist?

Gold Medium Blonde Headshot1The relationship with your hair colorist has gone downhill.

Maybe she started charging too much, or she’s always running late. Perhaps she gave you the perfect color your first few appointments, but her work has since become lackluster. It’s possible that you honestly just don’t have time for the appointment anymore. You may both have different visions for what your hair should look like. Whatever the reason, it has become painfully obvious that you need to break up with your colorist.

The Woman from Brave1

But how? You’ve told her everything!

You can always say nothing and slink away into the night, hoping that you don’t run into her at the grocery.

However, the best way to split up is to tell the truth.

Be honest. “It’s not you it’s me,” is not going to work this time. It’s definitely her. Your hair color needs are not being met for the price you are paying. Giving her an honest assessment, “It’s just too expensive” or “I’m way too blonde,” will help your colorist evaluate her business. Please, be polite when providing feedback.

Brunette No Smile Over Shoulder1To work up the nerve to say, “I need to go somewhere else for my color,” watch a few romantic comedies. Find movies in which the heroine must break off a relationship that makes her unhappy only to be surprised by a better solution waiting for her (French Kiss and Bridget Jones Diary).

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