The Best New Way To Color Your Hair


Calling all Ellen fans: A new hair care company called is infuriating hairstylists across the country.

Estelle Baumhauer, eSalon’s Color Director, says the company is fast becoming a target for outraged stylists: “Hairstylists have written us angry letters saying, ‘How could you do this? We’re losing clients because of you!’”

Maybe it’s because eSalon provides that same salon service, but at home. They offer clients the full treatment: affordable hair color for home use, with the personal guidance of a professional colorist, and it doesn’t cost you a fortune.

eSalon is nothing like the one-size-fits-all boxed hair color you get at a drugstore. Instead, they provide custom blended hair color like you’d get in a salon. They use salon-grade ingredients that leave hair soft, shiny and provide excellent gray coverage. The personalized pigment even has your name on the bottle, because it’s made for you and no one else.

And for a total hassle-free experience, each hair color order is delivered right to your door for under $20. That’s a far cry from the $100-plus you would pay at a salon!

Just ask Estelle how jealous some can get: “It’s so bad, I’m sometimes reluctant to tell other colorists what I do. But mostly I’m proud of the service we provide for busy, professional women.”

Customized color truly makes a difference. eSalon already has a handful of high-profile mentions under their belt. InStyle Magazine named it “Best of the Web,” and the company has gotten kudos from Lucky Magazine and Good Housekeeping.

Right now, eSalon has a special Ellen Fan offer for new customers: Get your first custom color kit for only $9.95 (a 50% savings!), with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Go here to give it a try: