How To Pick Your Best Hair Color


When it comes to hair color, it can be tough to know your most flattering choice. Luckily, Estelle Baumhauer, Color Director at, an online hair color provider, explains what to consider for finding your best hair color:

Gray percentage

Your best color may depend on how much gray hair you have. “Grays tend to be harder to color than regular hair, so the color needs to be stronger,” advises Estelle.

If you have less gray hair, you may be able to use a Demi-permanent color, which fades after about 28 washes and may not be as vibrant as a permanent color. However, if you have more gray hair, you’ll need a Permanent application in order to get an even, vivid color. In addition, permanent color is best for brighter tones and going lighter.

Roots or allover?

If the regrowth at the roots needs a touch up, you don’t have to color the ends (section that’s already colored) as well. “Coloring all over every time can cause unnecessary damage and darkening of your color,” says Estelle. “Instead, just apply color to the regrowth when possible. If you’re doing a color change or need to refresh the ends, apply color all over as needed,” she adds.

Determine skin tone

Are you cool or warm? “Knowing how to complement your skin tone can help you pick a flattering hair color,” says Estelle. Cool skin tones have pink, blue or beige undertones, while warm skin tones have yellow, gold or peach undertones. One simple trick for determining yours: If the veins on the inside of your arm appear blue, you’re cool; if the veins appear green, you’re warm.

Match hair color

In general, people with cool skin tones are best complemented by warm hair colors, and people with warm skin tones are complemented by cool hair colors.

One common flattering option is a color similar to what you had as a child. Also, try to stay within 2 shades of your natural color. If you want to go darker, do it in gradual steps so you don’t accidentally go too dark.

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