Hairstyles That Make You Look Older


Actress Jodie Foster with a blunt bob (left) and a more flattering, layered hairstyle (right)

Let’s face it – the wrong hairstyle can, unfortunately, make you look older than your time.

“Look at actress Jodie Foster above,” says exert stylist Estelle Baumhauer, Color Director at breakthrough hair color company

She’s a beautiful woman, but the blunt bob on the left is too severe for her, while the softer, layered hairstyle on the right is much more flattering. How does a simple hairstyle change make such a difference? Read on for the top mistakes that can add years to your look:

  • Severe haircut: “Stay away from short, blunt bangs and straight, one-length cuts, like the bob on Jodie Foster,” advises Estelle. Severe edges can accentuate fine lines on your face. “Instead, go for a haircut that adds softness, such as the face-framing layers or waves pictured above, which open up your features.”
  • Too light or too dark color: As you mature, your skin loses some of its pigment. This means that a very light hair color will wash out your features, while a very dark color will be a harsh contrast. “Blondes should go slightly darker, and brunettes slightly lighter [like Jodie Foster above] to get a flattering effect,” says Estelle.
  • Dull color: As you age, hair doesn’t retain as much moisture, so it can appear dull and limp. Use a deep conditioning treatment to restore moisture, and a daily shine spray or hair oil to boost up glossiness, suggests Estelle.
  • Over-styled hair: Stay away from stiff, fixed styles that require hot rollers, excessive hairspray, or a shelf full of styling products. “Try to cut down the products in your hair and use softer styling,” recommends Estelle. “Also, a well-layered haircut like Jodie Foster’s won’t need as much styling.”
  • Very straight hair: Pin-straight hair (like Jodie Foster’s bob above) can be harsh against features and accentuate fine lines. If your hair is naturally straight, “add body by getting a haircut with long layers, combing lightweight mousse through damp hair, or blow drying with a round brush,” says Estelle.
  • Gray roots: “Let’s face it, when those grays start showing through, they can unfortunately add years to your look!” Estelle admits. “Keep them covered with a strong, high quality hair color that’s specially formulated for resistant gray hair.”
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