Top 7 Reasons To Avoid Box Hair Color

  1. Picking a color: Most consumers don’t correctly identify their current hair color, which means the box they pick may not turn out as expected.
  2. Wrong match: The color swatches on boxed colors don’t always accurately represent your final results, and may be misleading.
  3. Low quality: Many boxed formulas use low-grade ingredients and are excessively drying or damaging to the hair.
  4. Generic instructions: Boxed color brands contain generic instructions that may not be the best application process for you individual hair.
  5. Unpredictable results: Premixed drugstore color may contain undisclosed “hidden” pigments, which could make hair turn green or orange.
  6. Mass-made color: Whereas a stylist in a salon creates an individual color for your hair, these one-size-fits-all boxed colors are not made for your hair – they’re mass-made to fit a generic person’s hair, which means they’re less likely to provide your personal desired results.
  7. Best way to color at home: A new company called makes it unnecessary to resort to a box from a shelf. Clients just complete a personal hair consultation online, then eSalon’s color experts craft your individual color blend. They take all your details into account – from gray percentage, coloring history, skin tone, and more – so it’s designed just for you. It even comes with personalized instructions tailored for your hair. New clients

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