6 Hair Myths Stylists Wish You Knew


Before you set down your grandma’s hair tips in stone, check out these top myths that could make the difference between greasy and gorgeous hair!

  1. Myth: Frequent trims make hair grow faster. In fact, follicles on the scalp determine how fast hair grows. Trimming doesn’t affect the follicles or overall growth.
  2. Myth: If you use the same shampoo it will stop working. Actually, hair does not become resistant to products. Some products leave residue that prevents shampoo from being effective.
  3. Myth: If you have oily hair you shouldn’t wash it as often. Actually, your scalp will always produce the same amount of oil, and washing doesn’t affect the oil-producing glands. Not washing hair causes oil and dirt build-up to stunt hair growth.
  4. Myth: Brushing hair 100 times a day makes it shiny. Actually, the more you brush, the more damage the cuticle to get frizzy, dull hair. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle.
  5. Myth: Your hair will always be the same texture. The truth is, hair texture changes over time. A variety of factors including from nutrition, stress, and your natural growth cycle, can make hair thinner, curlier, or lighter, and more.
  6. Myth: Coloring your hair will damage it. This is only sometimes true. Coloring the same part of your hair over and over can eventually cause damage. However, if you just color the root regrowth instead of coloring the ends each time, you hair will maintain its health.

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