5 Facts Hairstylists Wish You Knew


consultationColoring your hair at home can be tricky, but it helps when you have personal tips from professional hairstylists! We talked to the colorist team at eSalon.com, the first online source for individually blended hair color for home use. Their color experts wanted to pass on some advice about your next hair color application:

1. “Read your instructions carefully.” Your application instructions are very important, and if you don’t follow them exactly your color may not turn our as expected. Reading your instructions first can help avoid issues later on.

2. “Color doesn’t remove color.” Colorists often say this – but what does it mean? If you have dark hair and want to make it lighter, you can’t just apply a light color over it. You’ll need to use a strong lightening product, usually containing bleach, to remove the underlying pigment before applying a lighter shade over. This leads us to the next point…

3. Dark hair going lighter: If you have dark hair, we won’t be able to make it dramatically lighter at home. This color change requires stronger products for a process that’s best done by a professional in a salon.

This applies for highlights too. Highlights are usually achieved with products like bleach, so most professionals recommend using DIY color for the base, then visiting a salon for highlights after.

4. “Beware of brassy factors.” Many clients are worried about warm, brassy tones in their hair. But certain choices naturally cause these tones. Warm colors such as gold and copper can naturally contribute to brassiness. Also, lightening hair can make it appear warmer.

5. Target gray hair. Stubborn grays are a common issue. Try this: Start your application where the gray is most resistant, often at the hairline. This gives it more time to process the color for better coverage.

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