3 Rules To Know Before You Choose A Hair Color


Picking the right hair color for yourself can be tricky, especially with all the important factors you have to consider first, such as skin tone, eye color, and hair type. But if you know a few helpful hair color rules, finding the right color can be a snap:

1. Flatter yourself

Hair color is not a standalone object – it combines with other details of your appearance to create an overall effect. So if you pick out a color without taking these details into account, it may be a recipe for disaster.

“I always look at the client’s overall style – such as skin tone, eye color, hairstyle – when I consider the color they selected and what color will work best for them,” says Estelle, the Color Director at the innovative online hair color company eSalon. She says that sometimes clients see a hair color on a model and want to look just like that – but they don’t realize that these other factors have a lot to do with the overall effect.

For some people, the wrong color will wash them out or clash against their skin, making them look older and tired. But if you get a flattering color, it can actually make you look younger, refreshed, and less tired.

3. Don’t go too light

Sometimes dark-haired clients long for that blonde, bombshell look. Unfortunately, if you have dark hair, it’s very difficult and potentially damaging to lift your color more than 2 shades.

In order to prevent damage to your hair, it’s best to use products that will safely lighten your hair 1-2 shades, depending on your color. If you’re a level 3 (Darkest Brown) and want to be a level 9 (Light Blonde), unfortunately this won’t be possible at home.

4. Don’t go too dark

The same goes for light-haired clients who want to go dramatically darker. Although this doesn’t cause as much damage as going the opposite way (dark to light), it’s a good idea to be cautious about making extreme changes.

If the color you picked turns out to be too dark for your liking or looks harsh against your skin, it’s much harder to lighten it back up. Instead, it’s easy to gradually go darker shade by shade and then stop when you reach the color you like best. So for this reason, it’s recommended that you darken you hair in gradual steps until you reach a color you’re completely happy with.